Welcome to the site!  Here you will find a series of short and long comics about the Legend of Zelda. There are a number of them based off of different games, and will eventually all be posted here.

About the Comics

Disclaimer: These comics are not officially endorsed by Nintendo or its subsidiaries (The quality would be way better if it were, don’t you think?). This is a work of enjoyment by a fan for other fans.

The comics were written and drawn by one person: Louisa  Why? I am a nerd. But it also helped with my artistic development.

I have print copies available of all these comics. You can grab them at conventions I attend or order them through my online store.

Most of the fonts you see in the comic come from Blambot Comic Fonts and Lettering, where they have a multitude of very fine and free (as well as paid) fonts.

These comics are presented in black and white as this makes them faster to produce and cheaper to print.